We get many questions regarding PLR so we’ve decided to address those questions here. If you have a question that is not found on this page please contact us via email –> admin@alternativehealthplr.com


What are PLR articles?

This is a great question! PLR stands for private label right articles. What this means is that you have the ability to purchase article packets that you can then use. 


What can I do with PLR articles?

Private label rights articles are great skeleton articles for you to use for your website, newsletter, power point presentation, audios, radio show and so much more. 


Can I use the PLR articles as is?

Oh no! You never want to use private label rights articles as is. The reason behind this is because there are a number licenses that will be sold for each article package offered here at Alternative Health PLR. Since many will purchase these licenses it will look odd if someone visits your site and sees the same article on another site. Not only will you lose your credibility but you may also get penalized through Google and other search engines. So..it’s important to change the PLR articles to make them your own. This can be done by changing the title and opening paragraph for starters.


How do I get my PLR articles once purchased?

Once you decide what packages will work for you and you purchase. You will receive notification that your payment was received and you will be directed to a page where you can download your articles.


What format are the PLR articles?

All the articles will come in both .doc format and .rtf format. 


What can’t I do with PLR articles?

You may not use our name or any association with Dr. Daisy Sutherland, Dr. Mommy or Alternative Health PLR as part of your articles.

You may not use the PLR articles ‘as is’.

You are not allowed to submit to article directories such as Ezine Articles.

You are not to resale as PLR articles.

**For a list of what you can do with PLR articles visit our Terms of Use page.**


How many articles packets are available for purchase?

We will only provide 75 licenses. This will ensure that a limited amount is available which is beneficial to you the consumer.