About Us

Alternative Health Private Label Rights was created with the health professional in mind.

No more endless searching for content to add to your site, or newsletter or reports. 

All the content that you will find on Alternative Health PLR has been professionally written and edited. 

The best part is that you choose what you need. No monthly membership fees or monthly articles on topics you don’t need.

Dr. Daisy Sutherland is the proud owner of Alternative Health PLR.

Not only is she an alternative health care professional, she has been online since 2006. She has had several successful online businesses and websites and one of the most popular ones is: Wholistic Fit Living

Dr. Sutherland is an internationally acclaimed author as well as a highly sought after speaker. She has written several books and ebooks and continues her mission of teaching you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle through her speaking engagements both online and offline.

She knows how difficult it is to find quality content that focuses on Alternative Health so she decided to make the process easier by offering professionally written content on this site for you.

Be sure to come back often, since more and more content will be added regularly.